The future of interactive, collaborative learning in AR and VR has arrived. On May 5th, EON Reality introduced a raft of updates which includes one of our most exciting features to date –  the interactive and collaborative virtual classroom.

Designed to enhance instruction and create opportunities for students voices in the lesson, this feature creates the space for real-time personalized and interactive learning. Ready to host up to 100 students, the feature can be used to teach in tutorial or lecture style settings with added interactive and collaborative features.

With a single touch, students can also now access a world of rich learning content beyond the textbooks. These range from embedded videos, interactive 3D objects to a host of learning resources and links curated by the teacher. Easily deployable from any smart mobile phone or device, the ultra-portability of EON-XR allows learning to take place beyond the confines of the classroom. In addition, teachers can also take advantage of the classroom management tools including an analytics and assessment dashboard, which allows the monitoring of student comprehension to provide real-time learning feedback.

In this video, Jonathan Lee, Senior Manager for Learning and Teaching Technologies shows how anyone can now easily integrate interactive collaborative learning into your online classroom through EON-XR.

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