“The Strike Zone awareness simulation is unparalleled in baseball today,” said Giambi. “I can’t imagine what the game would have looked like if we had this technology when I broke into the league in the mid-90’s. Many kids live in cold weather climates where they can’t get out on the diamond every day. This solution allows hitters around the world to practice real-life applications and situations wherever they are.”

Since the release of our Virtual Reality football training simulator SIDEKIQ, we’ve received extensive demand for a similar experience for baseball players. Project OPS is a 360 training experience focused on Strike Zone, pitch recognition, and interactive swings, where five-time All-Star and American League MVP, Jason Giambi, is your personal coach in each interactive tutorial. Several obstacles in the baseball industry include a gap between potential and performance. Project OPS is bridging that gap, allowing a new way to train at best speed.

In Project OPS, there are over 30 strike zone awareness challenges, where you will learn with interactive lessons, on a variety of baseball fields. Quicker visual cues and subconscious biomechanical recognition are used to precisely design the opposing pitcher’s motion, release, and ball trajectory. Similar to a video game, there is a player and a computer. In this game, you are the hitter, and the computer is the pitcher. The pitcher will throw sequences at random using four different pitches: Fastball, Slider, Curve, and Change-Up, or your own, customized sequences. As the hitter, you will develop the knowledge and skills to make a personal assessment for when it’s time to be at-bat during the real game.

EON Sports VR created Project OPS for players to develop the skill-sets needed to be the best. VR simulation configuration software allows you to configure speed, type, location of pitch, break of ball, and spin rate. Play as many times as you want, and upload to any Virtual reality interactive device. Analyze each pitch, improve your body and bat positioning, and focus on your own customized game!

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