The Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently announced they are going to use VR technology from EON Sports VR, a startup that was spun out of long-time Irvine-based VR company EON Reality.

EON’s system differs considerably from the STRIVR technology. Instead of captured footage it uses the kind of computer-generated graphics you might see in a video-game. It’s not Madden 2015 (think Madden circa 2007), but it can be used to simulate a variety of plays from a first-person perspective.

“You put [a headset] on and it puts you into the helmet of a quarterback on the field,” said Nate Longshore, a coaching partner at EON Sports and former college quarterback.

The EON system is available on PCs and players can download an app to their phones to view plays that have been requested by their coaches and built by the company. Players can view the play split-screen to review it in a VR phone-based headset similar to Google Cardboard.

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