Are you looking to create an online learning lesson plan for an engaging online classroom experience on EON-XR? To help teachers figure out how to keep students engaged, we are sharing an EON-XR Platform lesson plan. Designed by our teaching experts, Dr. Peter Looker and Jamie Justice, the lesson plan also provides a comprehensive outline for self-directed learning using AR and VR.

The lesson plan provides step-by-step instructions and takes the student from planning, researching, building to sharing a lesson. These activities help to form the building blocks of a successful 21st-century learning experience, by providing opportunities for active learning.

As EON Reality’s Chief Learning Officer, Peter Looker, points out in his note about Self-Directed Learning, the transference of lectures into online video formats are counter productive for engagement. With EON-XR lesson plan, the engagement and immersion that come with creating and using AR and VR lessons can transform online learning into a much more effective medium for students and teachers alike.

The online learning lesson plan is now available to view and share together with our resource bank of videos and starter guides. Free to download now, EON-XR is also built in with lesson sharing options to keep the classroom connected!