Manchester Evening News reported on the EON Experience Workshop 2015, and EON Reality UK’s second anniversary. Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council, opened the event and spoke on the history of establishing EON Reality’s office in Manchester. He similarly commented positively, on Manchester’s future economic outlook.

‘It is a rapidly changing global economy. EON Reality, as a company, has shown the flexibility to be able to develop and grow to new markets to go with the rapidly changing technologies that we are working with, and particularly, the increased use of mobile technology,» said Sir Richard Leese.

Former students from EON Reality’s Innovative Academy and Entrepreneur School are now part of the commercial development team. Other students go on to create careers across related sectors.

Some of these other sectors include code, design and postgraduate study. Across the world and in the UK, School graduates also go into teaching, training, VR and AR marketing – even graphics.

Nevertheless, for the EON Reality UK team, the School’s graduates go on to specialise in story boarding, UI design, 3D modelling, scripting, animation, and code.

The Interactive Digital Centre (IDC) in Manchester aims to educate and train students of all ages annually. This training from the EON Reality School is geared up for five years.

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