At EON Reality, we believe that Knowledge is a Human Right and the Enlightened Knowledge Worker Era Has Arrived.

Obviously, mobile technology is less expensive, more accessible, and easier to use in many ways, but what may not be so obvious is how VR/AR mobile applications will democratize the use of technology for businesses in undeserved sectors and less-developed locations.


«When we look back in 2025, it will be incredible to think that the mobile enterprise sector had less than $100 million of revenues just 10 years earlier. As the leader in VR/AR based industry and enterprise applications, Eon Reality and our Interactive Digital Center partners around the world are uniquely positioned to capture a significant portion of his hundred billion-dollar market opportunity.»

There are more than 3 billion people globally, who work and study in some capacity, yet only 20 percent of them have ever had access to technology to help them perform their jobs more effectively. This leaves 2.5 billion workers not being supported by technology today. Some of them are in industries like construction, an $8 trillion a year space that spends less than 1 percent of its revenue on IT. Others are in manufacturing, the world’s fourth-largest industry with 40 million workers globally, spending less than 2 percent of revenue on IT. A significant portion of those 2 billion-plus workers without technology are in the developing world, with 50 percent in Asia-Pacific, 10 percent in Latin America and another 10 percent in the Middle East and Africa.

With EON Reality’s Virtual and Augmented Reality content, the global opportunity of mobile VR/AR technology will capitalize on this market as the heavy infrastructure improvements necessary for hard-wired solutions are expensive and time consuming to deploy. If we take the 2.5 billion workers that don’t have desk jobs and assume we can monetize each one at about $40 per year (a mere 10 percent of what is spent today on technology for a typical desk-bound worker) we’re looking at approximately $100+ billion in annual revenue.

This opportunity is vast in many ways and it is also unlike anything we have seen in enterprise technology in the past.

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