What is a differential gearbox and what do they do? And how do the individual parts actually do their job? In this lesson, students are introduced to an important engineering element in AR/VR—the differential gearbox.

As part of a lesson series created by the University for Business and Technology, this interactive 3D lesson module on EON-XR distills  a complex topic into an easily understandable visual lesson. Starting with a visual introduction of why a differential is necessary, it allows a student to easily process what’s going on underneath the skin of the car. While there are a handful of different kinds of differentials in use today, the underlying principal remains the same for mechanical differentials.

At the end of the lesson, students are able to

1. Identify the components and explain the functions and the maintenance procedures for differentials

2. Identify differential design variations.

3. Describe the principles of the  differential.

4. Understand basic service and repair of a differential.

This lesson was created as part of the EON Reality Self-Directed Learning initiative at the University for Business and Technology, allowing for deeper learning through immersion and student created content.

Experience this hands on, immersive lesson on EON-XR today.