Founder Dan Lejerskar shares his thoughts on the future of AR/VR classrooms powered by 5G technology.

«A recent study found a 76-per-cent increase in learning outcomes when students used a VR simulation and a 101-per-cent increase when they used it in combination with traditional teaching.» – Teaching faster and better is no longer out of reach, we have the technology, we have the speeds, now all we need is the will to see this through.

How 5G will help make classrooms smarter

Canada’s education system needs a transformation, and experts say 5G technology – with its increased speed and reliability – could help make it happen more quickly. «I think education needs to be disrupted, a little bit of creative destruction,» says Ryan McLaughlin, a senior economist and research analyst at the Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada (ICTC).

How can we turn 5G powered AR/VR classrooms into reality? We invite you to join the conversation here

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