EON AI Course Creator Assistant

"Empower Your Curriculum with EON's Revolutionary AI Course Creator"

“Emerge at the forefront of education with EON Reality’s AI Hard Skills Assistant—delving into immersive, experiential learning that transforms mundane diagrams into interactive 3-D marvels.”

Autogenerated Comprehensive Course Customization

Unleash the power of the Course Navigator; an intelligent tool that empowers educators to craft personalized curricula across educational levels, aligning with objectives and fostering student success.
AI XR Course Creation

Advanced AI Assistant Selection

Choose your guide for course creation; our AI Assistants stand ready to shape your curriculum focusing on hard or soft skills, ensuring robust competency development tailored to learning outcomes.

Intuitive User Experience

Experience ease with our Advanced Avatar that leads you through the immersive course setup process, making augmenting physical spaces with interactive learning a breeze.
AI XR Course Creator
AI XR Course Creator

Robust Content Library

Infuse your courses with life via our vast library of interactive 3D/360 assets, crafting a visually rich environment that transforms learning into a dynamic adventure.

Custom Course Creation

For the unique educational blueprint, engage with our Ai course creator for analysis and adaptation of existing programs, harnessing established models for unparalleled custom courses.
  • Engagement Through Immersion: Dive into the academic journey with XR-integrated content—where 3D models and AR overlays turn every lesson into a multisensory playground for the mind.
  • Skill-Specific Learning Paths: Our platform is dual-focused, blending theoretical concepts with practical skills development for a comprehensive educational toolset, vital in the professional world.
  • Personalized Learning Journeys: Customize the curriculum to the very grain, polishing paths that reflect each student’s academic quests and professional dreams within the construct of your institution.
  • Collaborative and Spatial Learning: Transition the classroom into a collective think-tank, leveraging virtual collaboration for strengthened teamwork and enriched communal learning.
  • Streamlined Course Development: Say goodbye to the tedium of course design; our Course Navigator refines the art and science of course crafting, bringing an efficient revolution to educational program development.