Create your Digital Classroom : How can AR/VR play a role in the future of an online classroom?

According to predictions from higher education analysts, students may continue to facing the prospect of online learning for the foreseeable future in the form hybrid and blended learning modes. Even as classes resume in a post pandemic world, online and digital classrooms will continue to act as a safety net in times of interruption. More than ever, the ability to quickly create effective digital lesson content has become a priority of paramount importance. To support teachers through this transition, EON Reality has put together a range of resources detailing how EON-XR can be used to create engaging lessons in AR/VR to navigate through these difficult times of change.

In March, EON Reality offered free access to its EON-XR Platform to anyone impacted by COVID-19 to create virtual and augmented reality lessons anywhere in the world. The teachers and students responded.  Over the last two months, EON Reality’s EON-XR Platform has  witnessed a 74% growth in new users and become a trusted partner in a time of rapid change.


Increase in Online Learners

We want to help more students and teachers create an effective online learning environment  and welcome you to start creating your own AR/VR digital classroom with some of these curated resources:

  1. Introduction to EON-XR
  2. Sign up for a free EON-XR Platform account
  3. Get started with EON-XR on the mobile
  4. Get started with EON-XR on the desktop
  5. Learn to create effective lesson materials in our expert led webinar
  6. Get inspired with our lesson ideas on EON-XR