IRVINE, Calif., September 22, 2010 – EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, today announced that SENAI of Rio de Janeiro will use EON Reality’s simulation solutions in training and development for the oil and gas industry. The National Service for Industrial Apprenticeship of Rio de Janeiro recently launched a brand new Center for Simulation Technology, SENAI-RJ (CTS), with the objective of conceptualizing its market position as a university of innovation, production and technology education. Aligned with other Technology Centers at FIRJAN, CTS Automation and Simulation Center, formerly known as Euvaldo Lodi, is considered the most modern throughout Latin America. With an investment of $3.5 million, the new unit will offer integrated simulation solutions to companies, especially within the oil and gas sector, aiming to reduce operational risks.

The 1,200 m2 facility will also provide high technology services and technical courses in Industrial Automation, Mechanical, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering.

In his speech using virtual holography, the president of FIRJAN, Eduardo Eugenio Gouvea Vieira, stressed the importance of the implementation of cutting edge technology as a response to the new challenges in the industry. «I am proud to see our SENAI enter the virtual era, train young professionals and assist the companies,» said Eduardo Eugenio. According to the president of the Center of Excellence EPC Petrobras, Laertes Galhardo, the initiative shows that the SENAI-RJ is attentive to the demands of the industry. «The oil and gas sector is taking a huge leap and we need to expedite the training process. The FIRJAN is responding to this demand by investing in market simulation,» said Mr. Eugenio.


Eduardo Eugenio and other guests experience virtual reality in the EON Icube

Eduardo Eugenio and other guests experience virtual reality in the EON Icube

During the inauguration, Dan Lejerskar, the Chairman and co-founder of EON Reality, gave a talk on «Technology in Simulation for Decision Making.» In attendance were the State Secretary of Science and Technology, Luiz Edmundo Barbosa Horta, the executive director of Professional Education and Technology National SENAI, Paul Rech, director general at FIRJAN, Augusto Franco, and representatives of the Federation and professionals in the field of Energy and Technology.

Eduardo Eugenio speaks through the holographic feature of the Center for Simulation

Eduardo Eugenio speaks through the
holographic feature of the Center for Simulation


Bruno Gomes at the opening of the event

Bruno Gomes at the opening of the event

According to the manager of the Technology Centre, Bruno Souza Gomes, the new simulators enable numerous applications. «One of them is the performance of maintenance procedures using augmented reality. These handheld devices interact with the equipment and design the step-by-step maintenance procedures for the operator,» he explained. Adding that for a refinery or oil platform it may, for example, include operational procedures of preventive or corrective maintenance, which before were printed and manually checked.

For businesses, the advantage is that the proposal will reduce costs and operational risks. For students, learning will be facilitated and sustained by the reality level of classes, which ensures more qualified decision making. Gomes explained that since many of these processes are delicate and difficult operations, doing this interaction in a traditional educational setting offers risks to students.

«With simulation technology, learners can virtually experience the immediate consequences of their technical decisions,» said Mr. Gomes.

Using integrated screen projection systems, previously known only in animation studios for film, dedicated servers, special glasses and joysticks; the new tools will give students the opportunity to experience what was not possible in traditional lessons or workshops; the total reality of the factories.

Other cases cited by Mr. Gomes are the large-scale immersive 3D simulations. «We can simulate, with 3D view, the potential impact of a spill and its environmental consequences.» He added that the gains from the simulations are immense. «We will have greater reliability, higher performance, lower total cost of maintenance and be able to minimize the time for training.»


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