Did you know that EON Reality currently has 19 Interactive Digital Centers (IDC) around the world?  An IDC is a turn-key virtual reality center that is equipped with all required software for interactive 3D content creation and state-of-art immersive display systems.  In collaboration with content providers, technology partners and local channel partners, the IDC focuses on vocational training and the dissemination of virtual 3D learning solutions to academic institutions at the K-12, college and university level, local governments and ministries of education, to publishing and media companies, as well as to online consumers.

So what are our IDCs doing now?  Our IDC at Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology (SiMT) in Florence, SC recently helped Fabri-Kal, a leading provider of plastic foodservice and custom thermoformed packaging solutions, to find innovative product development solutions for their internal training.










Fabri-Kal is a Michigan-based plastic manufacturing company with a plant located in Greenville, SC.  Their customer base includes thousands of foodservice operators and dozens of consumer product manufacturers. Their decision to provide training in 3D to employees was made to accommodate varying learning styles and paces.  Training applications were created with 3dMax and EON Studio and viewed on an EON Icatcher display.

« Fabri-Kal is using visualization as a means to continually upgrade and enhance internal training for their employees. Their commitment to train and equip workers with the knowledge and skills they need to perform is being optimized through the use of virtual simulations presented in full stereo 3D, » said Mike Mazen, Assistant Director, Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology.

« Knowledge at the floor is a key for us. We have new people coming in all the time and getting them up to speed. It doesn’t matter how well you explain something to them if they do not understand the terminology. Now they can see this flyby and understand what a thermoformer looks like before they even go on the floor, » concluded Kevin Hall, Process Engineer, Fabri-Kal.

« From a safety stand point, you only need one accident on the floor and you have paid for 10 of these (solutions) easily in one year. That is the biggest part of it for us. You can get your safety message clearly through, » said Andrew Thake, Engineer Manager, Fabri-Kal. (Learn more in the SiMT Fabri-Kal video).

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