IRVINE, Calif., May 30, 2012 – EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, today announced an partnership with GARQUI, an educational solution provider. GARQUI, a Puerto Rican educational reseller of EON Reality, together with JTM Concepts, a technical service provider focusing on the development of virtual learning curriculum and joint projects that utilize experts around the world, have introduced virtual technology to the local schools in Puerto Rico.

As 3D projection technology evolves from novelty to a mass-market phenomenon, educators are looking to take advantage of this technology. The classroom program is initiated by JTM Concepts, who develops 3D educational software for K-12 education using EON Reality’s development software.

«For the first time in Puerto Rico, 49 schools were equipped with 3D technology, and students were amazed when they first saw the 3D, the JTM concepts and EON Reality 3D content. Teachers participating in this program are equally amazed, and have stated that this is the perfect tool to get the attention of the students, and that the first time they have educational tools that can compete one to one with all the gaming systems and portable technologies that the students are used to.  When we are presenting this software to the students, they don’t even want to leave the room for the recess, they just kept asking to see more simulations in 3D. All of this was part of the project called Educational Touch.  The government of Puerto Rico’s Educational Touch project objective was to support the learning process and address student needs through classroom technology use.  And among all the technologies available, they chose to provide a 3D alternative,» said Nydia Garcia, Vice President of Finance, GARQUI.


GARQUI, Inc. was created to fulfill their mission to offer unique and innovative products for the educational and business sectors. They offer cost-effective, progressive, flexible and well supported solutions to satisfy their client’s needs.

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