EON Reality Italia is delighted to confirm that it will be hosting the company’s global annual event, EON Experience Fest, for 2019.

This annual global meeting from EON Reality brings together international leaders from across the immersive technology industry, Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) experts, esteemed Fortune 500 clients and peers, cutting-edge educators, and government officials.

Taking part in #EONExperienceFest2019 will be guests, speakers, and workshop hosts from a huge array of leading lights including IBM, Microsoft, HP Enterprise, the University of Bologna, the United National Industrial Development Association (UNIDO), Festo Didactic, and many more.

EON Experience Fest takes place March 27-28 this year with a bonus additional workshop available for local educators who are looking to implement EON-XR teaching in their organizations.APPLY TO ATTEND EON EXPERIENCE FEST 2019The gathering for all of the VIP guests at EON Experience Fest 2019 will be at EON Reality Italy’s offices in the Worklife Innovation Hub, a dedicated technology space in the Emilia-Romagna region.

Dan Lejerskar, Global Chairman of EON Reality, will be introducing the opening gambit at the annual conference, in a keynote which introduces EON-XR technology and the company’s flagship EON-XR Platform for education and enterprise.

EON Experience Fest will also be graced by academics from the University of Bologna, Nayang Technological University, as well as our own industry talent from EON Reality Education.EON Experience Fest has always been a great opportunity to show what Augmented and Virtual Reality can do to help industry, education, and government leaders around the world. This year’s lineup is bigger and better than ever. We have some very impressive things to demonstrate and an equally spectacular group of guests and presenters.EON Reality Italy is recognised as a strategic business location in Europe for its unrivalled automotive sector. In Italy — both in manufacturing and third-party services — the automotive industry heavily relies upon the innovations and advancements taking place as part of the Industry 4.0 revolution.EON Experience Fest 2019 is an important step to build the future economic development as a Smart Nation in our country’s industrial upgrade strategy, and offers a competitive advantage in the global market by connecting innovative networks across the global scene, as well as being a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate how access to the latest technologies can help companies thrive.

We want to share our knowledge and give companies a vision of what can be achieved in this constantly evolving sector, paving the way for new opportunities for economic development in order to offer advanced services in the digital economy. EON Experience Fest 2019 will help ideas reach the global market more effectively to facilitate the creation of a local ecosystem that affects significant opportunities in economic transformation.EON-XR is designed specifically around major changes such as Industry 4.0 and Classroom 3.0. This software platform will be demonstrated throughout the event, alongside clients and partners who have successfully implemented this to drive efficiency and digital transformation.GET A DEMO OF THE EON-XR PLATFORM NOWEON Experience Fest is the only immersive technology conference in the world which brings together industry leaders, EON-XR technology specialists, and government officials. To join the selected guests, click on the link above or apply for your invitation .

EON Experience Fest 2019 will be taking place at the Worklife Innovation Hub, Via del Lavoro n° 47, cap 40033 Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), Italy, and begins at 9:00 CET on March 27, 2019.