California-based virtual reality company EON Reality has announced the inauguration of a new Virtual Reality school in North Texas that is dedicated to training and educating a « digital content workforce » in the creation of virtual and augmented reality media.


The Duncanville Entrepreneur School is the result of a partnership between EON Reality and the City of Duncanville, a small suburb located just outside Dallas, Texas.

EON Reality’s new school will teach numerous aspects of VR and AR creation, including coding, 3D modeling, animation, design and development. While many VR programs focus on gaming or other multimedia uses for the technology, the Duncanville Entrepreneur School will also focus on use cases for other industries such as education, energy, transportation, medical, and sports.

« This is an exciting opportunity for Duncanville, » Mayor David Green told the Dallas Morning News. « They have facilities in England, Singapore, Dubai and Russia, but we are very fortunate to be able to be the first school in the United States. »

Green added, « You can see exactly what some of the VR and AR systems look like, and we can reach out to these clients in the industry, education and entertainment fields and bring them here and show them exactly what we are talking about. »

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