EON Reality Founder Dan Lejerskar, together with the global team, stands with Ukraine and commits donations to the International Red Cross. He calls on leaders to find a way to put a stop to the terror that Ukrainian citizens, women and children live with presently.

In this letter penned by Lejerskar, he shares his thoughts on the situation unfolding in Ukraine. Find the letter below.


Mexico City, March 4, 2022

Nobody since Hitler has tried to annex a European country.  Now as we enter the second week of Ukraine’s invasion and we keep seeing the horrifying images, it is sinking in that Europe is at war. 

We must find a way to put a stop to missiles hitting peoples homes and end the everyday terror Ukrainian women and children have to live with at this very moment. I also firmly support Ukraine’s sovereignty as an independent nation, its people’s right to choose their own destiny, free from outside interference.

  1. On the Vital role of Global Collaboration for Peace

As global citizens, this war is an important reminder how crucial it is  for is to work together for peace. It also serves as a scary example, what can happen if we continue the polarization in our societies, where we risk breaking our institutions and thus opening the door for a totalitarian leader.

  1. On the Bravery of Russian Scientists

More than 600 Russian scientists have signed an open letter against war with Ukraine. Given these scientists risk the consequences of facing years in jail for speaking their minds, I really think they’re very brave. This also gives me hope that there could be a brighter future for Russia after this war is over. I agree with Sir Richard Branson that Ukrainians deserve the dignity of sovereignty and peace, but that also that the people of Russia deserve dignity and liberty. We must find a way to achieve both. 

  1. On the Risk of a Nuclear Conflict

The one thing that worries me is the risk of a nuclear conflict. Even during the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the Politburo consisted of a group of leaders that carefully deliberated before taking decisions in order to avoid a nuclear conflict. However, we now have a single leader in Russia that has been increasingly isolated during the last two years and has recently taken decisions and shown a state of mind that is inconsistent with his previous behavior. For the first time since World War II, we are now in a situation where one single man’s unpredictable behavior could escalate this conflict to a nuclear war. 

  1. On the Glimpse for Hope

Finally, on a positive note, I am pleased that China has signaled willingness to mediate in Ukraine-Russia war based on Ukraine’s request to help to find a diplomatic solution. China is in a unique position to apply gentle pressure to bring both parties to the table. I hope that a compromise can emerge that will provide Putin a way out and put an end to this war. 

I know I am joined in this hope by all of our EON Reality global team members. Let’s pray this happens!

Meanwhile, EON Reality and our team members are committed to provide humanitarian support to Ukraine through donations to the Red Cross and urge everyone to do what they can to support.

Dan Lejerskar