IRVINE, Calif., September 16, 2010EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, today announced the additional features to the EON product family through EON Human. The EON Human allows for realistic and vertex animated avatars in EON-based applications such as EON Coliseum, an online multi-user 3D interactive technology platform. This new capability will allow EON users to e.g. provide more realistic simulation-based training applications using exact motion capture or paths for reaching and interacting with complex equipment. View the usage of character animated avatars inside an EON environment in the EON Human video.

EON Human is tightly integrated with 3ds max using the EON Raptor 3ds max plug-in for easy file transfers into various EON applications. Also, EON users will be able to use this in product showcase and visual configurator applications as well as in desktop or fully immersive collaborative systems such as the EON Icube.

« This marks the beginning of a new era of enabling and providing a smoother workflow from the point of reusing an existing 3D bone/biped skeleton and adding real motions into the 3D avatar and finally bringing them into the EON environment, for further user customization. This enables our existing and new EON customers to work with realistic 3D avatars thereby enhancing their virtual interactions within EON immersive environments, » said Prashant Gupta, Project Manager of EON Reality, R & D Operations based in Singapore.


About EON Reality
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