The Transformational Impact of AGI on Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, and Beyond

IRVINE, CA, July 13, 2023EON Reality, Inc. (« EON Reality »), a global leader in Virtual and Augmented Reality (« XR ») industry and education solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), today unveils its ambitious project in advancing Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), marking a significant step towards transforming various sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, education, and more.

With AGI becoming an increasingly feasible concept, EON Reality is leveraging its 25-year expertise in Spatial Computing to explore the immense potential of integrating AGI with their renowned VR/AR/XR technologies. The company’s goal is to facilitate knowledge transfer and transcend human constraints, evolving the current landscape of numerous industries.

« Our mission is to make Spatial AI accessible and affordable, » said Dan Lejerskar, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of EON Reality. « With our technology reaching over 15 billion devices globally, including 7 billion mobile devices, we are at the forefront of a new era of computing. Our approach to AGI will fundamentally revolutionize how we interact with AI. »

In the healthcare sector, EON Reality envisions AGI enabling personalized treatments based on genomic medicine, AI-designed drugs, advanced prosthetics that respond to neural signals, and VR therapies for various conditions. The company foresees AI taking over routine health maintenance, freeing up medical practitioners for more complex tasks, and pushing the boundaries of understanding and achieving human longevity.

When it comes to manufacturing, AGI’s potential to minimize downtime with predictive maintenance, improve product quality with automated control, streamline the supply chain, and enhance the efficiency of energy use, are among the many exciting possibilities. EON Reality is also developing applications for real-time inventory management, virtual prototyping, and the optimization of shipping routes.

EON Reality’s AGI is also poised to reshape education by offering hyper-personalized learning experiences. AGI’s potential in adaptive assessment, real-time feedback, learning pace control, and interactive content will revolutionize the learning process, helping to tailor education according to each student’s unique needs.

« The potential of AGI in these sectors is tremendous, » said Lejerskar. « From making healthcare more personalized to optimizing manufacturing processes, and revolutionizing the way we educate our future generations, EON Reality is committed to pioneering the AGI landscape. »

About EON Reality
EON Reality is a leading company in Artificial Intelligence-powered Augmented and Virtual Reality-based experience creation for education and industry. EON Reality’s 25 years of existence and success are tied to its belief that knowledge is a human right and should be available, accessible, and affordable for every person on the planet. To carry this out, EON Reality developed and launched EON-XR, a SaaS-based platform dedicated to the democratization of XR content creation that brings code-free XR development and publishing to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and any other XR-focused devices. EON-XR and many of EON Reality’s other solutions can be used in devices of different sizes, in different shapes and at different types of locations: from hand-held mobile devices, to head-mounted displays, to large-scale screens, and even at mega-size facilities. EON Reality’s global network now comprises more than 1.8 million licenses who are collectively building a vast digital community in more than 75 locations. EON Reality has also created the world’s leading XR library for education and industry with access to at least 6 million assets and counting. For further information, visit