SEPTEMBER 13, 2022


As a valued EON-XR user, we want to make sure you’re getting everything that you can out of our prized platform. That’s why we’ve created free monthly EON-XR workshops entirely for your benefit, with the next one taking place on August 3rd.

In all of these events, one of EON Reality’s top members of the Customer Success team will present an in-depth look at the possibilities of EON-XR — as well as provide an overview of important new features — while also being available to answer any specific questions you may have. For this month, we’ve lined up Marcin Kasica, one of EON Reality’s leading education experts.

During this webinar, you will learn about the new EON Reality release of EON Metaverse Builder. It will include the live demo of XR experience creation. The focus will be on the visualization of complex topics and procedures based on the technical training. As an evolution from EON-XR, the EON Metaverse Builder will allow you to create multi-object XR interactive spaces with all benefits of the knowledge injection. Importing the environments on a 1:1 scale and filling them with AI elements, present the procedures from the subject matter expert perspective and test yourself in the instructions following and completing any procedures in your virtual workplace. 

These workshops are exclusively for EON-XR users to help answer questions, solve problems, and share new information that figures to be actually useful and relevant for people such as yourself. Through the live-streamed events, we also hope to get a better understanding of where our users need the most assistance, so we can provide clarification for any potential roadblocks in the future as well.

EON-XR Global User Workshop

EON Metaverse Builder – a practical guide to new functionalities and procedure visualization

September 13, 2022 – APAC & EMEA
11:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST)
17:00 Singapore Time (SGT)
September 13, 2022 – Americas
11:00 Pacific Daylight Saving (PDT) / 20:00 CEST

Hosted by:

Marcin Kasica

Marcin is the Head of Customer Success Department for AMER & EMEA and Director of Global Education and Training – VR Innovation Academy.
Marcin comes from a background of CAD and design with use of Virtual Reality technologies. M.Sc. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering and Management and with an academic background as researcher and academic teacher at Poznan University of Technology (Poland). He as the lead of VR Laboratory at Virtual Design and Automation Centre (VIDA) and he has 16+ years of work experience that include interactive application development for industry and education. As Director of Global Education and Training, he is leading the curriculum development and training planning for EON Reality VR Innovation Academy around the world.

The event begins at 11:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST) / 17:00 Singapore Time (SGT) for the APAC and EMEA participants and at 11:00 Pacific Daylight Saving (PDT) for the American audience. It will be rebroadcast for those who cannot attend live.