In a few years, Virtual reality and augmented will be the tools that allow, human beings improve their ability to work and how they learn, « so it is necessary to invest in this sector and in countries with great opportunities as Mexico, » said the president of EON Reality, Dan Lejerskar.

In an interview he said that both technologies are already being used to create applications that help workers in industries such as medicine.

« For example, we are now using applications to teach oil companies how to work safely, but tomorrow we will take those tools and take the legwork. May be operating a machine and if you forget something, using the virtual or augmented reality will know what to do step by step, » said Lejerskar.

EON Reality has 15 years researching these technologies, and has found great opportunities, especially by applications, whether mobile or smart glasses, dedicated to the education sector.

Proof of this is that the president of the company is confident that use these technologies not only help change the way we learn, could also reduce educational costs in countries like the United States are very high.

« Before we were focusing on memorization today that a computer can do and why we must focus on creating and solving problems, that is the highest form of knowledge that we can achieve with virtual reality, » he confided.

He added that professions such as surgeons, nurses and a range in the future « learn by doing ».

This is why the industry is forecast to virtual and augmented reality have a market value of close to 150 billion dollars in the following years.

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