At the 2nd Global Programmers’ Festival in Xi’an, China last week, one of EON Reality China’s Virtual Reality Innovation Academy (VRIA) students about his experience at the academy. Li Pingjun — who recently completed the VRIA’s 8-month training program — has now become an interactive developer for some of the world’s largest companies and shared his journey through education and into the tech world with the festival’s attendees.“After graduating from school, I felt very confused and miserable because I couldn’t find the perfect job,” said the computer science graduate of Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College. ”I heard about EON Reality China’s VRIA Spark Plan, and I promptly joined it and finished 8 months of professional training. I originally thought a programmer’s life would become boring as they lost their passion for coding over time, but during the 8 months of learning at the EON Reality China’s VRIA, I met lots of great programmers from all over the world. They always had passion about coding, and were very excited to solve the problems in the projects [they were working on].”

The entirety of Pingjun’s speech can be viewed in Chinese in the video recap. For more information about EON Reality China’s VRIA, check out the Zhangzhou location’s page.