Calling all soccer buffs! Looking for a different way to sharpen your athletic skills, as well as your cognitive response time? Or, are you just looking to get a taste of what it’s like to play in front of thousands of people?  Well, now you can!

We are excited to introduce, along with our friends at CSM Brazil, the world’s first Interactive Virtual Reality Soccer Game!  The Virtual Reality Interactive Game will be launched through CSM Brazil within select stadiums for Brazil’s two major sporting events over the next few years.  Our popular EON Icube will allow users to experience what it feels like to step into a real live game, and play in pressure packed situations.  Want to see more?  Watch the EON Icube video!

Picture depicting a soccer demo using EON Reality's EON Icube

Picture depicting a soccer demo using EON Reality’s EON Icube

EON Reality and CSM Brazil will choose from a select group of sponsors to showcase within the Virtual Reality environment. According to Cadu Ferreira, CEO of CSM Brazil, the timing is perfect for the launch of interactive games in a Virtual Reality setting:
«We are excited with the opportunity of partnering with EON Reality to develop this game. The next few years in Brazil will present several opportunities for brands to associate themselves with innovative initiatives and nothing will match the experience of playing a soccer game within a Virtual Reality environment.»

The user will step into the EON Icube, and immediately be immersed into game-like action with crowd noise, animations, and soccer player avatars surrounding them.  The game encompasses tasks and challenges based on realistic soccer play.  The Virtual Reality component will allow the user to experience a soccer match from the field, thus giving them a first person viewpoint; which previously was only experienced by the actual players themselves.

«For the first time, we can give fans a realistic depiction of what it feels like to actually play in a game at the elite level,» said Brendan Reilly, Co-Founder of EON Reality Sports.  He added, «Finding innovative ways to engage the end user, the fan, is our ultimate goal. This project will push the boundaries of sports marketing, sponsorship and entertainment, by providing the user with a truly unique experience.  EON Reality’s Virtual Reality capabilities, and CSM’s global sports and entertainment influence, are going to have a significant impact within Brazil and beyond.»

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