The EON Reality EON-XR Platform caters to hands on medical training through immersive learning and content. This lesson focuses on the details of a surgeons table.

An operating table system is basically made up of three components: an operating table column, the table top and the transporter. Modern operating table systems are available as both stationary and mobile units. There are a wide range of table tops that can be used for both general surgery and for specialist disciplines. Mobile operating tables, however, tend to be equipped with a specific discipline in mind. The base, column and table top form a unit. Since the table column for a stationary operating table system is firmly anchored to the floor, the additional necessary medical devices can easily be brought to the operating area and positioned. These devices include, for example, x-ray equipment, which can easily be slid under the table top. For personnel, the system offers improved leg space since disruptive foot geometry is no longer present.

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