EON Reality hosted an exciting Mixed Reality partner event, based on future tech with Centro Computer and in collaboration with HP, Microsoft, and Samsung, including a full tour around EON Reality’s immersive showroom and EON-XR Platform demonstration.

Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) technology is revolutionizing a wide variety of fields with industry training and helping the learners of today with a more immersive and interactive teaching solution. With multiple industry training solutions and especially educational content, EON Reality presented the creation power of EON-XR first.

The event focused on compatibility and EON-XR’s ability of plugging in with other technologies and handheld devices. For example, EON Reality helped to showcase Samsung’s new DeX feature, which facilitates Samsung phones, tablets and more to work as PCs. DeX helps to maintain the image quality of mobile and tablet devices when connected to a display screen without modifying measurements and eliminating uncomfortable mirror lag, so it was a great example of EON-XR’s cross-modality compatibility.

AR and VR technologies are constantly becoming more accessible to users and creators all over the world, which is why HP — after years of providing components to other companies building VR hardware — just presented their first ever VR headset and backpack. As an all-inclusive solution, these products will allow users to create, test, and use VR content on the go.

We are used to thinking that these technologies have a greater connection with the consumer and entertainment worlds, but in reality, more and more companies are realizing the effectiveness and the potential impact of these tools in the B2B world.

Augmented Reality has long been the best medium to ensure remote assistance and image recognition on EON-XR, so Microsoft showcased the varied improvements of its much-anticipated followup to the HoloLens.

In comparison to its predecessor, the HoloLens 2 has a significantly larger field of view as well as new eye-tracking software, and a considerably more comfortable fit — all of which figure to translate into an even better experience for the AR portions of EON-XR.

The EON-XR Platform is already capitalizing on one of the biggest improvements in the HoloLens 2, which is the natural hand gesture interface. EON Reality’s AR solutions can seamlessly integrate into the fully articulated hand tracking present in the new model, offering immediate feedback for even the most specialized job procedures without needing any additional equipment.

At the event, both the HoloLens, the HP Reverb VR Headset were used by the participants in addition to EON-XR, allowing them to experience some of the immense possibilities AR and VR technology can have in the world of teaching and industry training.Above all, the possibility of seeing how an object interacts with others and what its potential or limits are opens up new avenues in terms of design, research and development. For this reason, many companies are already experimenting with new content in VR and AR for employee training like EON-XR from EON Reality.https://eonreality.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/eon-reality-italia-microsoft-1024×576.png