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The merSETA and EON Reality have joined together in the EON Knowledge Metaverse (EKM) Programme for an easy to use XR education and training solution in South Africa.  

The merSETA and EON Reality are partnering in rolling out in South Africa the EON Knowledge Metaverse (EKM) Programme, an easy to use XR education and training solution. The rollout includes a total of 50,000 learners and 7,500 intern/worker licenses. The EON Knowledge Metaverse Project is an all-encompassing global project to build a new and improved interconnected world for users to learn, train and perform using XR. This project allows users to transform education for more efficient and effective knowledge retention and decision making. By enhancing their educational quality, institutions can expect to see a significant return on investment due to increased student enrollment, retention, satisfaction and engagement.

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Learn and Earn

Additionally, the Knowledge Metaverse opens the door for institutions to build their own digital assets and intellectual property — with all IP remaining entirely with the creating institution. Through programs like EON Reality’s “Learn & Earn” system, users and institutions can earn additional funds by selling their created experiences to the EON Marketplace.

Learn for Less

By bringing the Knowledge Metaverse to life, EON-XR platform is merging the physical, virtual and augmented reality worlds to reshape the way people everywhere experience their realities. EON-XR contains the backend support and architecture that large organizations need to build, deploy, and scale AR and VR applications to supplement their current training and productivity efforts quickly and efficiently. Physical objects and spaces are injected with informational annotations, activities, assessments and other enhanced knowledge points through AR, while users in VR can digitally teleport themselves into real-life settings around the world.

“World institutions and governments have found through empirical studies that simulated/XR training in Industry 4.0 is more effective in preparing learners/apprentices for the new world of work. It is the major enabler on our path of meeting our sustainable development goals targets. As the merSETA, we are proud to partner with EON Reality, Inc, especially given that thousands of South Africans will be prepared for Society 5.0.”

Wayne AdamsCEO OF merSETA
EON Reality x merSETA

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