New EON EON-XR Platform functionality allows instant creation of Augmented Reality annotations for physical objects and environments linked to location aware AR Knowledge Injections supported by Artificial Intelligence and IOT

IRVINE, CA, April 17, 2017 – EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, announces new EON EON-XR Platform functionality that will enable non technical users to create Augmented Reality (AR) Knowledge Injections by attaching AR 3D Annotations to physical objects and environments in the real world supported by EON IoT sensor data, EON Geo positional tracking, and EON AI.

Workers and students are provided detailed EON-XR guidance on how to complete a complex task through visual cues and instructions. If they encounter problems, users can refer back to EON-XR instructions or connect, using EON Coliseum, with remote experts to get real-time assistance, with VOIP or live camera feed from the user’s device.

“Global organizations and governments need to improve productivity in order to cope with large turnover in the workforce due to age and the lack of trained labor,” said Dan Lejerskar, Chairman of EON Reality. “This situation requires new ways of working that boosts job skills in order to address these employment gaps. EON EON-XR Knowledge Injection functionality accomplishes this by delivering the right knowledge at the right time. This knowledge is delivered in a visual EON-XR format, directly in the users line of sight, leaving the user’s hands free. This improves efficiency, productivity, and quality by combining the capabilities of man and machine.”

The connection between Augmented Reality annotations and the physical world is achieved through AI based image recognition, for normal tablets and smartphones, or the 3-D scanning capability of more sophisticated devices, such as Google Tango or HoloLens. EON Reality plans to unveil customer projects based new EON EON-XR knowledge injection functionality during the first half of 2017.

This functionality will, for example, allow a worker to create, on demand, augmented reality annotations linked to the physical factory equipment where they have identified a malfunction. This annotation can be text, voice, video and, if available, the corresponding EON EON-XR object to facilitate a manufacturing, maintenance, repair, or operation procedure. Additionally, the worker can receive related AI processed IoT data that gives more detailed information on the malfunction than a gauge or standard instrumentation would.

With the new AR Knowledge Injection, a teacher or a student can prepare an AR Biology and AR Physics Lab and link it, on the spot, to physical objects in the classroom. Annotations can enrich these AR labs with text, voice, video or objects from the EON EON-XR library, in subjects such as Chemistry or Physics.

“At EON Reality, we do not believe in a dystopian future in which AI and machines displace workers and dramatically increase income disparity,” said Mats Johansson, CEO and President of EON Reality. “We believe that EON-XR Knowledge Injections, will create a symbiotic relationship between humans and smart machines that augment a worker’s skills and improve performance, increase safety, and raise worker and student satisfaction. This combination of man and machine will outperform either working alone.”

AR 3D Annotation

EON AR Knowledge Injections supports a non-technical user’s quick creation of AR 3D Annotations connected to a physical object or environment.

EON-XR Knowledge injection

AR Knowledge Injection allows users to take the context aware knowledge with them in the field and instantly inject it when need it through AR assisted by EON AI Link and IOT.

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