HAMAR (NRK): One of the world’s leading companies in virtual reality establishes itself in Norway. Between game developers, IT companies and students will find their place in Hamar and Elverum. – The engagement of the parties is a big reason why we ended here, says Mikael Jacobsson, director of Eon Reality in Europe and Africa. The company started in California in 1999. Since then it has become a worldwide company. When they now establishing themselves in Norway, it is in close cooperation with Hamar and Elverum Municipality, Hedmark University and several local IT companies. A model they have good experiences with.

– In this way, we immediately contact with the local community. We have access to local networks and we can recruit, said Jacobsson.

Crisis simulation exercises were the road to happiness
Contact with local actors, they have already secured themselves. The story began when Eon was in talks with the company Crisis Training for over two years ago. They develop methods and software tools for major emergency drills including police, fire and crew on oil platforms.

– We really wanted to work with them and look for us to centralize the part of our projects here, says Jacobsson.

After numerous calls, where several were fruitless, came deal. Other actors in both Denmark and Sweden was ousted on the roadside.

– Regional cooperation has been crucial. Now the whole area – and eventually the country – serve on it, says managing director of Elverum Region Development, Knut Henrik Aas.

Initially, that building a visitor center, one in Hamar and one in Elverum. These will be open for players who want to use them. It created a separate one-year study at the University College of Hedmark and those involved see great opportunities to create jobs.

– We employ five people from the start, but expect to grow rapidly, says Jacobsson.

The partners believe the establishment will mean around 100 local jobs in the long term.

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