Since launching EON-XR at the beginning of September, we’ve been hard at work refining and improving some features in the launch version. But in addition to the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks, we’ve also made some significant new additions you won’t want to miss.

New UX and UI
Starting off simple, we have a EON-XR’s UX and UI to be smoother and sleeker than ever before. It’s designed from the ground up with the customer in mind, and — as you can see in the photos — it’s made to be as clear as possible for new and experienced users alike.

Improved Marketplace
Additionally, we’ve improved the Marketplace experience, making it easier to import, utilize, and purchase new 3D models to create lessons and courses in mere minutes. Users will now receive order information and confirmation directly through the website and platform now as opposed to previous versions in which an email was required.

Enhanced Import Functionality
On the other side of content creation and importation, we’ve also improved the functionality of our cloud-based services, meaning that users will now be able to import models and 360° images with higher quality textures and much larger file sizes. As far as new features go, users can now import animations built into their models and optimize them all within the cloud infrastructure itself, meaning that the overall time and development skills needed to create content has never been lower.

Life-Sized AR
For those who are most interested in the Augmented Reality functionalities of EON-XR, we’ve added a couple new key improvements. The life-sized AR feature that rolled out with EON-XR will now be automatic — meaning that as long as the correct information is provided within the model itself, it’ll now scale to full-size as soon as it’s opened in AR. This takes the guesswork out of approximating sizes, which will also allow users to take advantage of the improvements made to the 3D recording feature when in AR.

3D Assessment & XR Search Coming to Mobile
Mobile users of all types received some big quality of life upgrades as well, with the fully functional 3D assessment tools coming to the mobile app over the course of the next couple of months as well as an expanded version of our XR Search tool. This means that teachers, trainers, and instructors will be able to conduct procedure-based assessments as long as the students have a smartphone — eliminating the need for expensive VR headsets in many cases. Of course, adding XR Search to mobile devices will also mean that those same educators will have the internet’s entire knowledge at their fingertips anytime they need to create a lesson from their phones.

EON-XR for Mac
But perhaps the biggest announcements with the new update to EON-XR are what we have in store for the months to come.
We’re excited to announce that later this year, we’ll be rolling out EON-XR for Mac. As one of our most requested features — and of the utmost importance as EON-XR spreads across more university campuses — we’re excited to bring this to our Mac-using clients as soon as possible.

Unity Support for VR Headsets
In addition to that, EON Reality will also begin supporting Unity for VR headsets and become fully functional on Oculus platforms without any tethered solutions. As a major pivotal moment for EON-XR and other solutions, we’ll have the first beta version out soon with a more complete release in December and a full transition on all platforms completed by April.
As always, stay tuned for the updates and news as it breaks.