We were thrilled with the opportunity to host a large delegation of students and representatives from the KeDe College of Capital Normal University in Beijing, China on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.  The purpose of the visit was to share EON Reality’s new interactive learning environment, the EON Virtual 3D Learning platform.

During their visit to EON’s facility, students were able to listen to EON’s representatives about the Virtual Reality 3D market.  Professor Mar, Department of International Business saw the value, «It will be prevalent in this and the next decade.  We have seen the 3D movies.  But this is much more.  You can train a doctor how to be a surgeon, or an employee how to work in the factory.» He added, «These technologies will improve the technology, and improve learning within China.»

The students got a firsthand look at different educational methods.  When shown EON Creator’s software Jim, a student at the college said, «It makes me like to learn.» Emma, another student added, «I want to learn how to use it, it is like magic. It is more real than a movie.»

This visit kicks off what we hope will be the first of many more «open houses» at our Irvine, CA office.  Be on the lookout as we open our doors to anyone interested in learning more about 3D in education (or anyone who wants to see where virtual reality is headed today)!

To set up a tour of your own for your classroom or organization, please contact Brendan Riley or Cynthia Kim today!