Attendees from around the world experienced EON-XR and learned about how to start their own IDCs

The EON Reality team would like to thank everyone who attended including all of the speakers, delegates, Interactive Digital Center (IDC) partners, and EON Reality team members that made the 2018 EON Experience Fest a success. Attendees from all over the globe partook in two days of AR and VR demos, listened to industry experts, and learned about the future of the technology. the event was Bertil Andersson, the former President of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and EON Reality Board Member, who announced the launch of EON Reality Education and expounded on the role of EON-XR in the classroom of the future. He was joined by fellow academic, Ambarish Kulkarni, Senior Lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, who spoke about the Digital Factory and the work being done at Swinburne. the enterprise side, Sérgio Monteiro, the Chairman of the UPTIME Group, presented on how EON-XR has transformed language learning and UPTIME’s approach to immersion. Dominique Blondel, the Secretary General at UIMM, spoke about how unions were using EON-XR technologies to improve the skills of their members.

EON Reality executives added to the story by presenting how EON Reality was contributing to advances in several segments with EON-XR and giving an overview of both EON Reality and the larger market. EON Reality experts touched on the innovation and disruption beyond Education, in segments such as Aerospace, Manufacturing, Public Safety, Infrastructure, and Energy.The process to establish several IDCs was started and a total of 13 IDC candidates visiting the event. The event culminated in an IDC workshop that explained the entire process, how an IDC works, and how the different components of an IDC add value.

EON Experience Fest highlighted how EON-XR maps the Knowledge Transfer struggles whether an Enterprise or Academic Institution. Through Learn, Train, Perform, EON-XR helps businesses onboard their employees faster, train them for their tasks more efficiently, and helps them perform their work better. Educational institutions can enhance their lessons and let their students learn by doing in VR or AR.

Thank you again for attending our EON Experience Fest 2018 and we look forward to seeing you next year.