Laval, France, May 18, 2015 – As part of its partnership with McLaren Honda, Segafredo Zanetti France announced the launch of a new free mobile application and brings its clients to the pole position of Formula 1. This experience is based on Augmented Reality technology and reinforces the association of Segafredo with the legendary racing team; a universe filled with technology and pleasure.
[one_fifth last=»no»]segafredo[/one_fifth][four_fifth last=»yes»]With this new application, Segafredo wants to share its taste for challenge by creating a surprise with a technology that is still under-utilized in marketing. It is all about communicating outside of the regular channels by offering unique experiences to live.

EON Reality, AdLoréo and Segafredo Zanetti have created a mobile application (smartphones and tablets) which allows users to enjoy interactive, engaging and fun experiences. After downloading the Segafredo 3D application from Google Play (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS), the user can:[/four_fifth]

  • Display the McLaren Honda on top of the Segafredo coffee packs («Intermezzo» and «Casa») as well as on top of table mats available a Segafredo’s partner locations.
  • Take a selfie with the McLaren Honda driver’s suit.
  • Display a life-size virtual McLaren Honda in the user’s living room or garage, thanks to a giant logo to be ordered from Segafredo Zanetti directly via the application; and then take a photo of the McLaren Honda in the user’s environment.
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The mobile application is compatible with Segafredo coffee packs, table mats, and a series of objects with the Segafredo logo.

Photos taken from inside the application (selfie and scale 1:1 McLaren Honda) can all be shared on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

«EON Reality is proud to partner with Segafredo on this very innovative Augmented Reality application. AR will have a big impact on our lives both professionally and privately in the future. Segafredo is leading the way with this consumer oriented AR application,» said Mats Johansson, CEO of EON Reality.

By entering this new world of communication, which combines Augmented Reality technology and printed materials, Segafredo Zanetti France provides its consumers with moments of pleasure and wonders for all generations.

«For Segafredo Zanetti, Augmented Reality is the natural extension of its brand signature: «Share more than a coffee,» said Hugues Stevenson, Marketing Director at Segafredo.

Download the Segafredo 3D application on Google Play here.
Download the Segafredo 3D application on Apple App Store here.




The power and technology,
Of the California-based group EON Reality, the world’s leading provider of virtual reality and augmented reality solutions for industry, education and edutainment. EON Reality has since 1999 developed the de-facto standard VR AR development software that enable support across more than 30 devices from a phone to a dome, established a VR AR application development global network with offices in 22 locations.

The agility and creative ideas,
Of the Rouen-based start-up AdLoréo, communication agency specialized in production of 3D materials (images, animations, videos, holographic solutions, VR and AR applications) for omnichannel marketing and also viral marketing.

The Italian worldwide leader of Espresso,
With more than 25 million coffees served every day, Segafredo Zanetti is the worldwide leader of out-of-home coffee. This family success-story is the consequence of 35 years of services dedicated the consumer, to provide him with the best coffee possible.
Based on its true passion for coffee, the Massimo Zanetti Beverage group produces more than 160,000 tons of coffee every year, owns more than 20 coffee brands in both the domestic and the professional sectors, drives its own network of 700 coffee shops, and also manufactures espresso machines and professional equipment under the San Marco brand.