Athletic teams are turning to virtual reality to improve how they practice and prepare for games. TechRepublic talks to EON Sports about how it’s helping teams do it.

The Dallas Cowboys, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the New England Patriots all confirmed to TechRepublic that they’re using virtual reality to train. But, presumably because they’re using this as a competitive advantage, none of them wanted to elaborate on the ways they are using it.

One of the companies working with some of these teams, as well as teams on the high school and college levels, is EON Sports.

First, they can do live action 360 by capturing live footage and then use that to immerse athletes in training, for example, using large screens in a 6-wall set-up.

Then there’s the SIDEKIQ Engine, which is a computer-generated engine that allows the user to pull up any play or scenario to run through. He said

«It may not be realistic to go out in the field with 22 guys, running the patterns and routes, but with SIDEKIQ, you can draw it up and within a matter of minutes, you have an entirely recreated situation that you want your guys to train with,» Reilly said.

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