The partnership includes new EON-XR solutions for Tel Aviv students and faculty.

IRVINE, CA, December 10, 2021 – EON Reality, the global leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, announces a new partnership with the Academic College of Tel Aviv–Yaffo in Israel to bring a campus-wide EON-XR delivery to the institution.

As a nonprofit public institution formed in 1994, the Academic College of Tel Aviv–Yaffo has shown that it’s willing to use cutting-edge technology to leapfrog ahead of other schools that have been around considerably longer. This open-minded and eager mentality makes the institution an ideal fit for the latest EON-XR delivery and a promising contributor to the knowledge metaverse. Adding access to world-class XR solutions will enable them to bring their classrooms into the future of interactive teaching, regardless of subject, class size, or the variety of other factors that often impact schooling.

“It is always exciting to work with a new school that is so excited about bringing XR into its classrooms,” said Dan Lejerskar, Founder of EON Reality. “So far, our experience working with the Academic College of Tel Aviv–Yaffo has been nothing but positive, and I truly believe that they understand the future of XR and the knowledge metaverse. I look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with our new brethren in Israel in the coming years.”

With the new EON-XR delivery and welcome to the knowledge metaverse, the Academic College of Tel Aviv–Yaffo’s educators will be able to offer “hands-on” training to their students without the usual logistical restrictions in many forms of engineering and vocational studies. By utilizing the technology to teach immersive and interactive lessons using lifelike 3D models, they can provide the best possible academic experience for those on their campus as well as those studying remotely.

As EON Reality’s latest partner in the EMEA region, the Academic College of Tel Aviv–Yaffo will not only be important users of EON-XR, but also likely contributors to EON Reality’s global network and the knowledge metaverse. In recent months, EON Reality has seen over 70 academic institutions become creators and curators for the growing knowledge metaverse — each creating and sharing experiences based on their own areas of expertise. The long-term hope is that faculty and students of the Academic College of Tel Aviv–Yaffo will provide their own additions once they’ve adapted to the technology.

“We could not be happier to become a part of the EON Reality family and to set up an EON-XR Center in the hyper-modern metropolis of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, the epicenter of the Start Up Nation, » says Professor Dror Warman, President of the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. « We see multiple benefits with the deployment of the EON-XR platform for our students, faculty, and staff. We engage the EON-XR Center with the intention that the center will increase our strength to develop experiential learning, applied research and social commitment within our community.”

About EON Reality
EON Reality is the world leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education. EON Reality’s 21 years of success are tied to its belief that knowledge is a human right and should be available, accessible, and affordable for every human on the planet. To carry this out, EON Reality has developed the de-facto standard for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer software that supports devices from mobile phones to large immersive domes. EON Reality’s global development network — with more than 20 locations worldwide — has created the world’s leading AR/VR library for education and industry with over 8,000 applications and over 40 million users worldwide.

About The Academic College of Tel Aviv–Yaffo
The Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo was founded in 1994, and has six schools training some 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students: The Schools of Behavioral Sciences, Computer Science, Government & Society, Management & Economics, Information Systems and Nursing Sciences. Our college is based on three pillars that represent its core values: academic excellence, activist for social justice, and entrepreneurship. In this time of global pandemic, it is ever so important that we provide our faculty and student body excellent academic opportunities to advance entrepreneurship and lead social and economic impact, looking beyond campus life.