We’re proud to announce that the EON Interactive Mirror was recently installed for a new customer experience dubbed the AR 3D Soundbox at Courts, Asia’s largest IT, Electronics, and Furniture store at Courts Tampines, Singapore.  Our popular Augmented Reality solution enables customers to virtually try on the latest headphones from Bose, Denon, Klipsch, Monster, Sennheiser and Beats in interactive 3D. Check out the EON Interactive Mirror Virtual Headset video in action!


Once customers have selected their virtual headphones, they can select a message of their choice via touch-screen, snap pictures, and instantly share with their family and friends on Facebook. Visit the Courts AR 3D Soundbox Facebook page to view some of the most recently captured user images.

The EON Interactive Mirror is powered by EON Reality’s software platform, and has been widely popular for its ability to:

  • Attract more customers by providing a new and exciting retail concept
  • Reduce the need for inventory, floor space and fitting rooms, thereby reducing rental costs
  • Reduce time spent on trying on different combinations; thereby increasing the conversion ratio
  • Offer promotions on accessories based on current clothes selected, to drive sales of accessories
  • Offer full 360 degree view of virtual 3D clothes and accessories on top of the mirror image
  • Enable dynamic 3D movements of clothes / accessories that follow user body movements

« At Courts we are constantly looking for new innovative solutions to drive customer engagement. We believe that the EON Interactive Mirror provides us with a new, innovative, fun and socially connected way to do shopping and we have been impressed with the solution delivered, » said Terry O’ Connor, CEO Courts Asia.

Contact us today for more information on how you can use the EON Interactive Mirror for your retail space!