Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) is being used extensively in business and across a variety of industries. For a number of years, EON Reality has specialized in immersive solutions for the manufacturing, aerospace, aviation, and engineering industries. Companies typically use VR for real-world training and practice simulations, while AR is utilized to place digital items and data live into a worker’s field of view that helps to generate a ‘supplemented’ real-world environment for efficient knowledge transfer.

Both technologies have been proven to provide behavioral changes for people across a wide range of age groups in training, upskilling, and retention in the workplace. As integration across digital realities improves, the prospect of data-driven learning and training can provide stronger business impact and efficiencies for key indicators such as staff turnover and task performance.

Virtual Trainer

Virtual Trainer is a stackable VR training product which deploys the latest VR hardware. It connects to existing Learning Management Systems to deploy immersive technology across the enterprise. Currently in its next phase, Virtual Trainer delivers photorealistic training for scenario-based and experiential training for a range of industry clients.

“VR-based training helps learners [and organizations]…the ability to track all of a trainee’s actions and inputs as he or she moves through a scenario reduces the cost of providing individual feedback, and giving tailored feedback.”

Manchester Team

The UK team headquartered in Manchester, consistently works to agile methodologies. In the short three years that followed, the site grew its studio team significantly. It also invented an award-winning enterprise VR product which has proven popular with Fortune 500 companies, Virtual Trainer.

EON-XR, Built for Industry 4.0

Augmented and Virtual Reality production at the Manchester office is strongly influenced by the same five foundations that underpin the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy. These are: ideas, people, infrastructure, the business environment, and place.

Aligning these themes together, as of 2019, there are now three fast-prototyped immersive technology products designed for enterprise and education. These ideas are now fully realized and are being built in the Manchester EON Reality office, part of the Government’s strategic ‘Northern Powerhouse’.

UK Government – Priorities and our Immersive Technology

Following a major awards win at London Tech Week’s AR & VR World, EON Reality’s Virtual Trainer product was also selected as a core focus for the International Business Festival (IBF). The IBF is a large-scale event held in Liverpool each year, which attracts leading civil servants, politicians, mayors, COOs and CEOs from across the world. The successful demonstration of Virtual Trainer invited significant attention from government officials, and the UK team was invited to write about VR and Virtual Trainer for the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy blog.Virtual Trainer forms the core VR offering within EON Reality’s immersive platform, EON-XR.
It is a multi-user, advanced VR product which enables globally connected, centralized virtual procedure, scenario and operations training across six core industry verticals. These are Aerospace, Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare and Medical, Education, and Security and Defence.