As part of the our 360 World Heritage Initiative, we are going on a virtual expedition to celebrate the rich heritage of the Palace of Westminster.

In this truly immersive 360º lesson, we unravel the history of this UNESCO World Heritage site by taking a virtual tour through the famed Westminster Abbey and the St. Margaret’s Church.

Lying next to the River Thames in the heart of London, the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St.Margaret’s Church have come to symbolise monarchy, religion and power over the centuries.

The Palace of Westminster has played a central role in 900 years of British history, and continues to this day as the Seat of Parliament. Learn about the great fire of 1834 that swept through the timber framed Palace, and its reconstruction into the stunning Victorian architecture marvel as we come to know it today.

Click here and immerse yourself in the history on a virtual expedition of Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret’s Church on EON XR today. 

About the 360 World Heritage Initiative

The Learn for Life 360 World Heritage Initiative, began with a simple vision – using immersive reality to build a bridge to a shared human experience. This vision has now been transformed into a immersive experience library featuring more than 3000 immersive visits through the EON XR Platform.

Purpose built for mobile learning, these world heritage site experiences on EON XR can now be used both in the classroom and at home with any basic smart device and desktop.