In December, our virtual reality aquarium app, Aquarium VR, hit over 150,000 installs on iTunes and ranked as a top 25 education app. Aquarium VR is an app designed to awaken students’ curiosity for learning and to show case the possibilities of Virtual Reality on mobile phones.

EON Reality’s belief is that knowledge is a human right and Aquarium VR is one way to help educate the public. The application allows users to experience what it’s like to swim with fish, sharks, and dolphins using a google cardboard or similar device. By experiencing their subject matter, students have a stronger connection to what they’re learning and are more engaged resulting in faster learning and better retention.

We’ve also developed a full scale version of this application for aquariums. Guests can experience underwater mammals and sharks without the expense or treating animals inhumanely. Also, users can interact with the animals by feeding them or playing with them. This digital representation allows guests to experience extremely large or dangerous aquatic animals without the aquarium needing to build special facilities. You can learn more about it on our Virtual Reality Aquarium solution page.


Virtual Reality Aquarium for Pediatric Medicine

Aquarium VR has also been used by pediatricians for their patients receiving vaccinations. Doctors at Sansum Shot Clinic in Santa Barbara, CA used the app to, distract, “and transport [the kids] to another world”, (KEYT) to keep them calm. This immersion takes patients out of a stressful situation and relaxes them allowing the doctor or nurse to deliver their care.

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