When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers invested in a virtual reality system to help train their players including rookie quarterback Jameis Winston, it made a lot of sense.

This generation was raised on interactive games. They learned in a different way than just sitting around and reading a textbook, then reciting it. Then they went home and played «Madden.» So virtual reality is the logical next step in the teaching methods for NFL quarterbacks.

Besides, it looks pretty cool. EON Sports VR showed the SIDEKIQ simulation software to Yahoo Sports, and you can see the benefits it can have for players. The software allows players to see the Xs and Os of the play drawn out, then the play is simulated for them as they’d see it. The Dallas Cowboys have also embraced virtual reality training.

«It takes Xs and Os from a playbook editor, and it breathes life into them,» EON Sports VR CEO Brendan Reilly told Yahoo Sports.

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