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More than 25 Years in AR / VR

EON Reality is the world leader in AI-assisted Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality-based knowledge transfer in education and industry training solutions. We believe that knowledge is a human right and should be available, accessible, and affordable for every human on the planet. 

To carry this out, we have spent the last 20 years developing the de-facto standard for AR/VR education and industry solutions that support devices from mobile phones to head-mounted displays to large-scale screens and facilities. With more than 20 locations worldwide, EON Reality has created the largest AR/VR training library with over 8,000 applications and 40 million users around the world.

As the culmination of years of work with Fortune 1000 companies, global enterprises, and world-class academic facilities, EON Reality’s EON-XR Platform serves as the primary product and content delivery vehicle for the Irvine-based company. Founded around the principles of “Learn, Train, Perform,” EON-XR contains the backend support and architecture that large organizations need to quickly and efficiently build, deploy, and scale AR and VR applications to supplement their current training and productivity efforts. With AR, VR, and mobile functionalities, EON-XR functions across all major devices and operating systems.

Revolutionizing Knowledge Transfer with AI Autonomous Agent-Driven Text to XR Conversion

The future of learning, training, and performance is here.

Our Team

Genuinely gifted minds, one-and-all

Dan Lejerskar

CEO & Chairman

Anna Lejerskar

Executive Vice President

Mayank Singhvi

Chief Financial Officer

Jan Kjallstrom

Chief Research, Development, & Innovation Officer

Bertil Andersson

Chairman of EON Education

Brita Kjallstrom

Global Network Director

Sridhar Sunkad

Regional Director - Singapore

These guys are serious wizards

Bertil Andersson

Chairman of EON Education

John Gaeta

Academy Award Winner and Creative Executive, Immersive Entertainment

Rosen Plevneliev

Former President of the Republic of Bulgaria

Rikard Steiber

Former SVP of Virtual Reality at HTC and Google Global Marketing Director

Victor Ponta

Victor Ponta

Former Prime Minister of Romania

Christian Lagerling

Technology Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor, & Cofounder of GP Bullhound

Howard Bilton

Chairman and founder of The Sovereign Group

Ken Woosuk Choi

Executive Vice Chairman of the International Press Institute (IPI)

Dr. Anand Govindaluri

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Govin Capital

Francis Galbally

Francis Galbally

Founder and non-executive Chairman of Senetas Corporation

Ivo Josipović

Ivo Josipović

Former President of the Republic of Croatia

Anas Meerza

CEO of National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC)

World-Wide Innovation

With an ever-growing roster of locations across six continents, EON Reality’s global network ensures that clients and customers can always get the help they need without traveling halfway around the world.

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Serving Fortune 500 companies, government entities, world-class universities, and you!

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