It’s official, training and learning in VR just got better with Oculus Quest. EON Reality is now partnering Oculus Quest to offer quicker and simpler learning and training solutions through EON-XR.

Launched in Spring 2019, Oculus Quest was aimed at the gaming and entertainment market, but showed plenty of promise for training and development. Until its launch, setting up VR headsets for training had always required the attachment of external sensors and link to a high end PC for a high fidelity experience. Despite its proven benefits, VR remained out of reach for many due to these restrictions.

The entry of Oculus Quest has marked a significant leap for VR, offering users high-fidelity experiences without the need for a PC at an accessible price point. As a standalone headset that is much easier to run than their PC-based counterparts, the Oculus Quest is proving to be an extremely reasonable option for entry level training solutions. In fact, it is predicted that wearable VR usage rates in 2021 will reach the same usage rates of smartphones in 2018. With a price tag less than that of most smart phones, it is not hard to see why.

The Content Question

Yet one of the biggest challenges preventing the wide-scale adoption of VR is the perennial challenge of content creation. One of the key steps EON Reality took to address this was the launch of EON-XR, with a mission to upend the content creation problem. By allowing students and teachers to create interactive VR and AR lessons without the need for coding skills, more classrooms can benefit from the proven learning benefits of this technology.

Paired together with the Oculus Quest, students can now easily access true to life, immersive learning experiences at home with EON-XR. EON Reality recognises that it is crucial that all the content we develop today are inter-operable and forward compatible. Therefore EON-XR was designed to address this very issue, seamlessly adapting the content to the device you choose – making it a truly future forward solution for training and learning.

EON Reality Founder, Dan Lejerskar explains, «Any institution or organization can now leverage low-cost devices like the Oculus Quest with our multi-modal platform. This allows more students to take advantage of the proven learning benefits of VR simulations and also allow the delivery of consistent, effective training and learning at scale.»

Users can now download plug and play VR experiences and connect their VT Lite lessons from the EON-XR Platform. To start using the Oculus Quest with EON-XR , please the view the video below.

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