The 5th annual Medical Science Festival will be held in Bologna May 9-12 2019, and EON Reality will be one of the core businesses delivering a keynote talk.

The 2019 edition of the Medical Science Festival / Festival Della Scienza Medica, will focus on ‘The Intelligence of Health.’

Alongside internationally famous scientists, Nobel Prize winners and well-known researchers across all fields of medical science, EON Reality former UK Chairman, Ken Swain, will be delivering a talk about Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) innovation in healthcare.

The conference’s ambitious aim is to make scientific research in medicine more widely accessible to the public — particularly in keeping with the meteoric rise of EON-XR use within surgical training and the professional development of non-clinical staff, such as EON Reality’s work with the NHS.

(See Tech Republic’s portfolio feature about EON Reality for healthcare).

VR will become a standardized aspect of surgical training, with training centers and teaching hospitals needing to invest in VR suites.

The belief that EON-XR technology should be used to improve many facets of everyday life is at the core of EON Reality’s ‘Human 2.0’ knowledge transfer ethos. Swain will be speaking about « Transferring health sphere know-how via augmented and virtual reality” on behalf of EON Reality at the Bologna Medical Conference due to his history in the 3D and EON-XR industry.

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