Pictures always spoke louder to a kid than words. Words are boring and anything monotonous bores a kid to sleep which eventually leads to drowsiness and disinterest. Now with virtual reality creeping into every sphere of our daily lives, education will never be the boring again. Geography and history will come alive in classrooms.

Here are 6 apps that are pushing augmented reality forward in India

1. Sakaar- This is Indian Space Research Organisation’s first augmented reality app for android devices. This app is one of the most precise app India has on this genre.

2. Fetch! Lunch Rush- This interactive app applies Virtual Reality to improve maths skills. Numbers will come alive and can be played with.

3. Geo Google- This app brings geography alive in the classrooms. This app helps to calculate the altitude and the latitude.

4. EON Reality’s Virtual 3D Learning solutions– This app has customers like Carnegie Mellon University among its top customers. This app is used by university students and is a more complex one, helping them to solve calculus and equations.

5. Kompanions- India’s first 3D knowledge cube helps a kid to discover himself. With full guidance from one’s health chart to one’s maths score, this app helps a kid to manage everything all by himself

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