The largest undertaking to date in Henan, China will see over 100 schools adopt the VR and AR solutions.

EON Reality, the global leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, is proud to announce that the Jinshui district government in Zhengzhou, China is piloting a major rollout of EON-XR.

The rollout will provide over 100 academic institutions with innovative and engaging learning experiences for thousands of China’s primary and secondary school students through VR and AR. In order to ensure equal access for the schools — and potentially future users throughout China — the VR and AR learning experiences will all be utilizing EON-XR’s hardware-agnostic capabilities to be used on existing tablets and smartphones rather than relying on expensive headsets. The initiative will also strengthen the ability of schools to offer effective and immersive online learning solutions as a contingency plan for current and future epidemics.

“This decision by the Jinshui district in Zhengzhou is a breakthrough for our continuing growth around the world. We have been extremely pleased with how China has embraced VR and AR, and we are proud and honored to be selected for this important project. This rollout follows several other global rollouts and adoptions of EON-XR, and it is further proof of the universal value that EON Reality offers for education.”

Dan LejerskarFounder of EON Reality

In addition to EON Reality’s Global Emergency Initiative leading schools in countries like Italy, South Africa, and Kosovo to use EON-XR, China’s latest step in its VR and AR adoption follows the decision to set up an Interactive Digital Center in Jinshui. As EON Reality’s hub for the entire province of Henan, the Center will provide an all-encompassing location where academic, business, and government institutions across China can also access the latest VR and AR solutions while also conducting training sessions and workshops.

“With our continued focus on providing schools, teachers, and students with easy access to innovative and immersive learning experiences, we see EON-XR as a very good solution for education. Not only can it be used on existing smartphones and tablets, but it also offers teachers the needed ease-of-use for designing, developing and managing AR and VR learning applications with no need for programming.”

Dong NingManaging Director of EON Reality China

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