Knowledge Worlds

Create and monetize your own digital world

Utilize NFT technology, customization and intricate creation tools to design, sell and trade in an online universe

A Digital Economy

Build your own world to sell and trade

EON Knowledge World is the creation of an entire digital world, where users can buy, sell and trade digital land and other objects to fill with their own content and experiences. Whether it’s for entertainment, education or enterprise training, users can create and design content to enjoy and exchange with other users.

Advanced XR and AI Learning
Advanced XR and AI Learning

NFT Technology & Security

Track your digital inventory in the safest manner

EON Knowledge World will implement NFT features to ensure the most secure and smoothest ownership and transfers of digital content. As a brand new consumer-facing use of EON Reality’s groundbreaking technology, EON Knowledge Worlds promises to change the way people view digital creation and commerce.

Features that expand your reality

Create more with MORE.

2-D Map Interface

Navigate through a 2-D map and access both public and user-created meeting spaces

Buy and Sell Land

Buy or sell land in an EON Knowledge World and populate it with the user’s own user-created interactive content.

Fully Customizable Avatars

With a host of new creation options and features, users can design their own avatars to truly represent themselves.

Instant Multi-User Access

One button click is all that’s needed to access any accessible land parcel and meet up with anyone already there.

Building Content

Every EON Knowledge World will feature a predefined library of content-building materials, as well as third-party libraries like SketchFab and CGTrader.

3-D Spatial Audio

3-D spatial audio is used both for private avatar discussions as well as local media consumption. The audio proximity is configurable.

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