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EON AI Assistance

Spatial AI Technology for Real-Time Assistance

EON AI Assistant is an advanced AI program that uses Spatial AI technology to provide users with real-time guidance and support in the physical world. With a learning-capable AI brain paired with a fully interactive XR body, users can receive personalized directions and interact with digital objects. This cutting-edge technology also enables users to create persistently tracked experiences using text, voice, videos, and 3D assets.
Spatial AI & XR in Education

EON AI Hard Skills Assistant

Leverage a seamless blend of AR/VR with our innovative Knowledge Portal, enabling learners to explore images, videos, and texts surrounded by intuitive floating annotations. Experience the thrill of learning as our AI avatar guides you meticulously through every pivotal concept and procedure.
Spatial AI & XR in Education

EON AI Soft Skills Assistant

Jumpstart your understanding with an intuitive learning module. Enter a seamless digital realm where dynamic annotations float around our AI avatar, elevating your grasp of core concepts through visual storytelling. Engage with the show-and-tell of real-world scenarios that cement your theoretical knowledge.

EON AI Explore Reality Assistant

Begin your exploration with a personal greeting from our AI Avatar, leveraging GPS technology to anchor your educational journey in the real world. Experience precise geo-located guidance that helps you traverse the boundaries between the digital and physical realms.

EON AI Stories & Quest Assistant

Navigate through intricately crafted 3D scenes of a Surgical Room – from prep to patient recovery. Witness each scenario come to life, engaging your senses and intellect in an unparalleled medical quest.

EON AI Course Creator Assistant

Unleash the power of the Course Navigator; an intelligent tool that empowers educators to craft personalized curricula across educational levels, aligning with objectives and fostering student success.
AI XR Course Creation

EON Knowledge World

Whether you’re here to create, explore, role-play, or delve into our extensive library, Knowledge World beckons with a gateway to boundless learning adventures tailored to your curiosity.
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EON AI Hiring Assistant

Efficient Screening: Say goodbye to exhaustive search efforts with our quick and smart screening process that promises quality candidates in less time.

EON AI Sales Assistant

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Reach customers anywhere, anytime, boosting satisfaction and conversion rates.

In-Depth Product Knowledge: Provide expert-level details on products, offering customers a trusted and informative experience.

EON AI Training Assistant

Advanced Learning Techniques: Utilize cutting-edge AI to make training sessions more engaging and memorable.

Cost-Efficient Training: Shift away from traditional physical training resources, significantly lowering costs.

Improved Performance: Directly influence workforce skills to boost productivity and drive sales.

digital twin virtual reality training uk

EON AI Support Assistant

  • Geolocation Awareness: Pinpoint accuracy in service delivery with AI that understands its location regarding user needs.
  • Advanced Object Recognition: Rapid identification of machinery and parts for accelerated issue resolution.
  • In-depth Knowledge Base: Access to a broad spectrum of expert knowledge for operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

EON AI Safety Assistant

Enhanced Safety Training: Interactive training modules that engage employees and solidify safety procedures. Risk Reduction: Focus on proactive risk management to significantly lower the likelihood of workplace accidents. Compliance Assurance: Stay current with safety standards, ensuring that your operations meet all regulatory requirements with ease.

EON AI Expo Assistant

Reduced Exhibition Costs: Host your virtual booth at a fraction of the cost of traditional expos. Extended Global Reach: Connect with an international audience beyond the constraints of physical location. Always Open: Your products and services are always on show, offering unmatched engagement potential.

EON Enterprise Navigator

Customizable Learning and Operations: Offer solutions across the board, from Eon AI Hard Skills Assistant to Eon AI Lifestyle Health Assistant. Diverse Sector Coverage: Cater to specific industry needs, whether you’re in manufacturing, healthcare, or consumer services.
Spatial AI & VR in Learning

EON AI Mental Health Assistant

AI-Assisted Interaction: Engage with a platform that listens without bias, offering a secure space for personal growth. Instant, Unbiased Support: Experience the patience and understanding of an AI companion attuned to nurturing mental wellness. Accessible and Affordable: Access professional-grade support at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy.
EON XR AI Emotional Support

EON AI Relationship Assistant

Conflict Resolution: Find positive pathways through common relationship issues with proactive, AI-driven dialogue. Round-the-Clock Guidance: Access support any time of day, perfect for those critical moments when you need advice the most. Cost-Effective Alternative: Engage with an AI assistant that provides valuable insights without the high costs of ongoing therapy sessions.
AI XR in Relationship Assistant

EON AI Guide Assistant

Experience Before You Go: Enjoy a virtual preview of your destination with detailed 3D environments and artifacts. Personalized Itineraries: Get tailored suggestions on the top sights, including cultural attractions, natural wonders, and historical treasures. Seamless Accommodation: Discover a curated selection of places to stay, enhancing your travel experience from start to finish.

EON AI Lifestyle Assistant

Holistic Wellness Tips: Get customized health and wellness suggestions designed to improve both your physical and mental well-being. Entertainment Discovery: Uncover new entertainment treasures that match your taste, from cinema to literature and beyond. Professional Growth: Advance your career and personal skills with AI-driven insights meant to foster your development.
AI XR in Lifestyle Solutions

EON AI Career Guide Assistant

Skill Assessment and Enhancement: Get evaluated on your strengths and identify areas for growth as you progress in your career. Industry Targeting: Discover insights tailored to the sectors you’re passionate about, whether it’s aerospace in Texas or beyond. CV Crafting: Learn how to polish your resume to showcase your talents and catch the eye of top employers.
AI & XR in Career Development
Spatial AI & XR in Education

Simplifying AI Content Creation


EON AI Assistant recently introduced the “Prompts” feature, simplifying AI content creation. With 87 academic prompt options and 6 unique enterprise groupings, users can select a topic, provide information, and confirm the portals and content created by the AI. This feature creates fully formed AI-powered XR experiences that are simple and engaging.

Real-Time "Show and Tell" with EON AI Assistant's Spatial AI

Personalized guidance and assistance with EON AI Assistant's Spatial AI.

EON AI Assistant’s Spatial AI technology provides an avatar and contextual awareness, allowing for real-time interaction with users. Create persistently tracked experiences with text, voice, videos, and 3D assets via commonly owned mobile devices. Say goodbye to content creation problems with EON AI Assistant’s fully-formed AI-powered XR experiences.
Personalized guidance and assistance with EON AI Assistant's Spatial AI. Spatial AI, XR, AI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, industry, technology, virtual reality headset, knowledge, future, education
Spatial AI & XR in Education

EON AI Assistant Guides and Assists in the Physical World with Spatial AI

Interactive XR body overcomes limitations of modern AI programs.

EON AI Assistant’s Spatial AI allows for personalized guidance and assistance in the physical world, offering an intuitive experience through commonly owned mobile devices. Interact with digital objects and receive support in real-time, overcoming the confines of traditional AI programs. EON AI Assistant’s interactive XR body and contextual awareness revolutionize the way we interact with AI.

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