EON Merged XR: Revolutionizing Reality

Expand your physical world

Create digital twins and illuminate your surroundings.

Digitize Anything

Scan and copy objects in mere seconds

Transform reality with EON Merged XR on your smartphone or tablet. Scan and upload any object into the program, unlocking knowledge portals with the Digital Twin. Immerse yourself in limitless information, seamlessly blending virtual and real worlds.

Start Alignment

Flawlessly place Digital Twins

Perfect alignment is critical for creating and using the best Digital Twin models, and aligning has never been easier than it is with EON Merged XR. With just a few taps on a smartphone or tablet, users can flawlessly align new models with their surroundings with no additional effort.

Hide Model

Toggle between real and digital worlds

When using EON Merged XR in a real-time working environment, there may be moments when a user needs to quickly make a Digital Twin model appear or disappear. With a single tap of the “Hide Model” button, any digital creation can be toggled on and off at a moment’s notice.

Spatial AI & XR Applications

AI-Based Learning

Bring the entire world’s knowledge to you

With EON Merged XR, you can illuminate the world around you through the combined powers of XR and artificial intelligence. Create Digital Twins and then watch as EON Merged XR allows you to add the entire knowledge of the internet as it applies to each appropriate object. Now every object in every room can be a new learning experience.

Any Device

No need to get special hardware, EON Merged XR is available on many smartphones and tablets.


Thanks to AWS infrastructure, EON Merged XR users can upload objects anywhere with a wireless connection.


Bring information, knowledge, and more from around the world to any object in your surroundings.


Used in conjunction with Spatial Meetings, EON Merged XR creates an interactive setting like no other.

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