Transform Your Classroom AI & XR Learning Platform

Simplify Instructional Planning

A practical teaching resource to help teachers plan  lessons more efficiently.

Improve Academic Outcomes

Content that helps students understand better and retain more information while making learning fun.

Boost Student Engagement

Build immersive lessons that help students learn 4x faster and stay more focused.

With the new EON-XR center we will be able to enhance the learning experience and provide new opportunities for engagement and collaboration.
David Hornsby, Associate Vice President, Teaching and Learning, Carleton University

Proven pedagogical VR methods

Merging traditional teaching with personalized VR content to maximize student outcomes

Learning Effectiveness Increases by 76%

Students are More Keen to Take Courses by 97%

Pass-Rate Increases by 50%

Empower & impact your students' learning

We want to cultivate academic success by equipping teachers & students with VR technologies

Streamline the lesson planning process, access high-quality pre-designed content, customize materials, collaborate with other educators, create immersive learning experiences, and utilize data-driven insights. These benefits ultimately save time, enabling you to focus more on instructional delivery and individual student support.
Due to the reduced administrative workload and  lesson planning, you can save time. Additionally, it enables you to focus on more instructional delivery and individual student support which fosters a more engaging and nurturing environment.
Improve student outcomes through immersive and personalized learning experiences, fostering engagement, critical thinking, and collaboration. Enhance comprehension, retention, and real-world application of knowledge, leading to higher academic achievement and essential skill development.

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