Experience the Impact of EON-XR in Real-world Applications

Empowering Education and Enterprise with Immersive XR Technologies

EON Reality’s AI-driven Extended Reality (XR) platform is demonstrating unparalleled success in enhancing performance and reducing training times across educational and enterprise domains. Discover how our EON-XR solutions are driving a new era of learning and operational excellence.

Educational Milestones

Los Angeles Community College

Over 9,100 EON-XR lessons have been implemented, resulting in a striking 79% increase in learning outcomes.

University of Business & Technology

The adoption of EON-XR across 20 programs has transformed the educational journey for 16,502 students.

CENTEXS, Malaysia

A nationwide VR training initiative has graduated 4,395 students with an impressive 97.25% employability rate.

Nakhon Si Thammarat City, Thailand

EON-XR has empowered 11,000 students with immersive learning, improving academic performance by 35%.

Enterprise Milestones

Children’s Hospital of Orange County

A significant $2.2 million investment in EON-XR is enhancing the training of healthcare professionals.

Changi Airport, Singapore

Emergency training times are slashed by 40%, enabling faster, more effective emergency responses.

SBS Transit

Adoption of EON-XR has shortened technician training duration from 12 months to just 4 months.

Sandals Corporate University

Introduction of EON-XR has cut training times by 25% and reduced costs by 35%, benefiting 18,000 staff members.

Real World, Practical Use Cases

What our partners, clients, and people like you are doing with EON-XR.