IRVINE, Calif., April 2, 2014 – EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D solutions provider for businesses and education, and CROC today announced the establishment of an new Interactive Digital Center and EON Entrepreneur School in Moscow, Russia. The Center will contain the latest in Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies and will focus on servicing the markets in the CIS countries. 


The global demand for Virtual and Augmented Reality systems has seen constant growth and with this partnership EON Reality will be able gain greater access to the Russian and CIS marketplace. CROC is a well-established IT consulting company and is the ideal partner for EON Reality in Russia.

« The center allows visitors to experience the latest 3D technologies in person, » said Ruslan Zaedinov, CROC General Deputy Director. « We analyzed the market of Virtual Reality systems, and came to the conclusion that such technologies are in great demand among companies of all shapes and sizes. However there is not just a demand for quality equipment, content creation and the training of artists, modelers, and scripters to create that content are also in high demand in the region. This is a big reason why we formed this partnership with EON Reality and founded an Entrepreneur School. »

Russia and the CIS marketplace contain many industries in which EON Reality has successfully deployed Virtual Reality technologies. The energy sector has been a key vertical for EON Reality, and EON has developed many solutions ranging from geologic exploration, to safety training, and process visualization. Additionally, EON Reality has actively engaged in the aerospace, retail, manufacturing, and medical market segments which are high growth areas in the CIS region.

« CROC has already seen interest from Universities and science institutes, oil and gas companies, as well as companies looking to make an impact at tradeshows, » added Pavel Pochtenov, Director of the Center 3D Solutions CROC. « These are very important areas for us and we are looking forward to delivering immersive simulations that improve training, help retain knowledge better, and reduce costs. »

CROC joins EON Reality’s growing global IDC network. Alongside industry solutions, CROC will provide training to artists and modelers via the Entrepreneur School. These students will learn the skills needed to support a growing sector and support increased demand in the CIS market.

« We are excited about partnering with CROC to found our newest IDC. Virtual and Augmented Reality are in heavy use by the transportation industry, oil and gas industry, and universities. Together we will promote interactive 3D solutions in Russia, and I strongly believe that we can bring more attention to Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions in the region, » said Mats W. Johansson, co-founder, President and CEO of EON Reality. « Interactive 3D technology is in high demand which will provide Entrepreneur School students with knowledge, but also employment opportunities as this sector continue to grow in Russia and the CIS countries. »

About CROC
CROC is the number 1 in Russia in the area of IT infrastructure creation (reports of IDC for 2002-2013 year). CROC is the fifth in the list of IT companies in the country (« RIA- Ratings », 2013), Third place in the list of the largest consulting companies (« RA EXPERT », 2013, and is in the top 200 largest private companies in Russia (Forb?s, 2013). For additional information, please contact Natalya Voskresenskaya, CROC Director of Public Relations (tel. +7 (495) 974-2274, e-mail: [email protected], [email protected].

About EON Reality
EON Reality, Inc. is the world’s leading interactive 3D visual content management and Virtual Reality software provider. EON Reality provides state-of-the-art 3D display technology for immersive and stereoscopic viewing, from portable tablet PCs and glass free stereo display systems to curved-screen and immersive rooms consisting of multi-channel projection walls. The technology foundation for developing interactive digital content includes importing the most common 3D animation formats into EON’s authoring software and creating modules and applications that can be viewed on various display systems. EON’s technology solutions enable all organizations to more effectively visually communicate, collaborate and accelerate knowledge transfer. For further information, visit