Located all around the world, EON Reality’s Interactive Digital Centers (IDC) are regional Augmented and Virtual Reality Centers designed to help enhance innovation in the area and grow the local economy.

IDC Purpose & Mission

Multiplier Effect

The IDC Hub can enable an entire region to learn up to 12 times faster. Academy students are able to create and localize EON-XR curriculum for thousands of students in less than 36 months.

Competitive Advantage

Local industries can access the latest technologies to gain a competitive advantage and transfer knowledge up to 12 times faster and improve quality assurance by up to 40%.

Job Creation

IDCs employ the best and brightest from their VR Innovation Academy and those not hired bolster local companies. Local partners can create a targeted localized offering for the regional market with IDC’s resources.


The EON Innovation Program helps incubate and develop the first killer app for EON-XR. Innovative students are encouraged to pursue their vision while leveraging the resources of EON Reality’s extensive IDC network.

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IDC Focus Areas


IDCs train students to be XR professionals through their VR Innovation Academy. They also support local educational institutions to innovate using the latest technologies & methodologies.


IDCs help businesses navigate the opportunities and challenges associated with XR technology and to train their workforce more effectively and efficiently.


IDCs are able to customize and deploy these powerful technologies in their local region, helping institutions in the region increase workforce productive, safety, and efficacy.

IDC Partners